Our Elderberry Syrup is homemade, using a slow cooking process that helps maintain it's healthy benefits.Elderberries health benefits are:*Boosts the immune system*Fights and protects against bacterial infections*Fights and protects against viral infections*Reduce the symptoms and duration of a cold or the flu*Helps clear sinus infections*Has natural diuretic effects and promotes bowel movements*Anti-inflammatory properties*Anti-carcinogenic properties*Eases symptoms of allergies*High in antioxidants*High in vitamin A, which makes it great for healthy skin Dosage for maintaining health:-Kids 1/2 -1 teaspoon once daily-Adults 1/2 -1 Tablespoons once daily-When starting to feel sick take up to 4 times a day. Original Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Elderberries, Local Honey, Organic Cinnamon Stick, Organic Clove Buds, Fresh Organic Ginger RootNutritional Information per 1 Tablespoon :24 caloriesprotein 0gcarbohydrates 6.5g 2% DVfat 0gcholesterol 0gsodium 1.1mg. Diabetic Elderberry Syrup - Available prepaid only!We replaced the Local Honey with Sucralose to make this option available for people who need to limit their sugar intake. While this recipe has all of the beneifits from the Elderberries and other ingredients, it doesn't have the benefits that the honey would provide. Diabetic Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Elderberries, Sucralose, Organic Cinnamon Stick, Organic Clove Buds, Fresh Organic Ginger Root **Vegan recipe uses Organic Pure Cane Sugar instead of the honey.****Keep Refrigerated**

Elderberry Syrup - 8oz

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